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Mistakes First Year Med Students Make

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Malaysia I guess yeah Miss Apple shares Mongo Mongo vile suka Joe Papp like like that subscription our post playing a video Pennsylvania so you can make up calm and subscribe Captain idea makeup my other JD automatic channel me then yeah my shareable among law social media Facebook Twitter Don’t be greedy share your knowledge with everyone and I’ll see you guys next tips byeWhat’s up friends welcome to another video to MD journey where my job is to teach you how to succeed in med school, but less time and this video we’re going to talk to all the first year medical students as well as soon to be med students on a what not to do when you first start med school.

And if you want to these medical students that are making these mistakes, like stop like yesterday, please for your sake, but I’m going to talk to you and the most common mistakes that students make six in particular that med students including myself made and it kind of ruins your medical experience because you carry these bad habits throughout. So yeah. Q intro

so six mistakes that first year medical students make now honestly, there’s more than six, but these are the most common, honestly, the most detrimental. So Mistake number one students come in with our predetermine mindset. Now this won’t be every single student but you’ll know who the students are because day one

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They’ll start saying that they want to become a dermatologist, orthopedic surgeon slashed astronauts slash radiologists. Now if you can manage to make those work all power to you, but it’s not about choosing competitive specialties are having high goals. The problem is, is when you have high goals, but then you use it as a crutch throughout your for you experience a why you can’t enjoy the rest of med school.

So these are the students who won’t come out on a Friday night or hang out with their friends and family on a weekend because they need to study or catch up. As I mentioned, they have high achieving goals, which is great and all of you should have those if you aspire to do one of these competitive specialties.

But as soon as you start making every little excuse you can find because all you want to get out of med school is becoming a dermatologist and orthopedic surgeon, a vascular surgeon, whatever you can think of.

That’s when medical school becomes more of a burden, then it becomes an experience. It’s great to have these high achieving goals but make sure you’re not using these goals and excuse of not enjoying other experiences with your classmates, your hobbies, your families and friends.

And one of the worst things that can happen is a third or fourth year. If you decide you don’t want to do that specific specialty, or you don’t want that goal anymore, you realize that you kind of wasted your first and second year on casing and being very narrow minded on this one goal and you use it as a crutch. So have high goals, I’m totally about that. But make sure that you’re also enjoying the experience. So the second mistake that most first year med students make is they don’t know how to study and this is because college creates very bad habits. All of you that are watching this video are very smart individuals. If you’re considering going into medicine, you have the grades you have the intellect, but sometimes we lean too much on our intelligence that we rely on cramming and passive methods. And when a new med student first starts to study in medical school, they’re split between active and passive learning is usually anywhere from 60 to 80% to 42 20%.

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So that means that they’re spending a majority of their time reading, watching lectures, rewriting their notes, but these are not really methods

that are going to help them a long term retention. And just because of the mass volume that you have to learn in that school, they’re often not going to do well in their first couple exams, because they’re relying on the same techniques that they use in college, which helped them as an exam the next day when they started studying the night before, it doesn’t work in med school.

So instead, you have to flip that formula, and you have to spend the majority of your time doing active message. So I personally have already created two videos on how to study effectively in that school. The first one goes over a bunch of active techniques that you can use.

The second one is my personal method that I use to study very efficiently would not very many hours and I give you a very step by step method.

I’ll link both of those below in the description if you’re interested. So just remember that when you start setting in medical schools, spend the majority of your time doing active techniques.

So quizzing yourself, taking practice exams, flashcards, whatever that may be for you. That way you can retain as much info you’re focusing on your weak points as much as your strong points. You’re not doing passive technique assessed. It’s not going to work and that’s cool. So Mistake number three, and this is something

That I see my classmates still make today. And it’s a quote that I’ll give to you that I’ve kind of come through creating them the journey which is try to schedule med school into your life and not your life into med school. Unfortunately, the mistake that a lot of new med students make is that they’ll schedule their life into med school. Now, it’s a common notion that med school is kind of like having a full time job. It’s like an eight to five job. Unfortunately, a lot of new med students will try to work overtime. And so they’ll add additional hours to the end of the day, add additional hours to the beginning of their day. And eventually the whole life becomes just being a med student.

But then they have no time for their hobbies and times for their friends and families. And they really did lose a part of themselves. So something that I really recommend to do to avoid burnout to enjoy your for your experience and still progress and become a great med student is make sure that medicine is only a part of your life. So one thing that I plead people to do is making sure that their priorities before med school are still a big priority while they are meant to do

And a great way that I like to do this is that actually like to schedule my fun first. Now that’s usually opposite of what most med students will think they want to schedule their study time first, then find time for leisure. But if I can schedule a workout in and I can schedule and my TV shows, my video games, my lunch or dinner with families and friends, if I already know when I’m going to enjoy myself, then whatever time I’m not scheduled to do, those are times for me to study and study effectively.

So just make sure that just because you’re a med student, that you don’t lose that old part of your life that made you you afford the mistake that new MIT students make is they listen way too much to their classmates. Now, I love my classmates. But when it comes time for an exam or an important deadline, they’re often the last people I want to be around and I’m probably the last person they want to be around as well because we just stress each other out med students just feed off of each other stress and not in a good way.

So make sure that you take everything your classmates say with a grain of salt. Use your classmates as motivation they’re going to be the smart

Individuals that you’ll probably meet in your life thus far, they’re going to inspire you. They’re going to motivate you to work harder. But once they start shifting to their stress mode, you want to kind of step away and avoid contact at all costs. So for example, if you have your anatomy final coming up, your classmates really stressed and is this talking over and over about how stressed and behind they are on studying for that exam. You know, obviously, listen to them, give them support, but don’t let that stress freak you out.

So just make sure you take your classmates with a grain of salt, especially around stressful events, stressful deadlines. Now, the fifth mistake that new med students make is kind of similar to the last tip, but they were their stress on their sleeves.

So just the same way that we don’t want to be around stressful classmates all the time. Our classmates don’t want to be around a stressful version of us.

So also be very vigilant and be very cognizant of how we come across. It’s fine to use our friends and our classmates to cope with the stresses of med school because

A lot of people on the outside world you could say don’t really understand what the stresses of med school or like. So yes, you can use your classmates as a way to vent and cope. But don’t overdo it. You may think that first year is going to be the hardest thing you ever have to do in your life. But then you’re going to reach the second year med school and you’re going to reach the third year in the fourth year, and it’s going to continually get harder and more challenging. So use your classmates as your support but for their sake, and for your own health. Try not to wear your stress on your sleeve. And the last tip and mistake that new med students make and honestly even old veteran med students like myself make is that you talk about med school and medicine all the time. Going back to the third tip. Don’t forget your old life. So for med school,

you didn’t talk about med school with all your peers and your friends and your family hopefully did it so that same way you’re going to be around your classmates and your colleagues all the time. That’s gonna be very easy for med school to be the topic 99% of time, but when you can avoid it, try your best because then it makes it much easier to picture your life.

Being more than just being a med student, and if you can do that you can meet the challenges of med school head on. But as soon as your test your studying is over, you can go and enjoy the other aspects of your life. But if medicine is a part of your whole day, all of your conversations it can be very easy to reach burnout when you find a series of days and weeks that are much more stressful than the rest so try to have a good balance on your conversations people you hang out with and they’ll help you immensely and having a very stress minimal I’m not going to say stress free first year med school so those are my top tips for new med students on what things to avoid but if you have any questions at all about med school on how to study manager time stress a particular class just let me know comment below. You can also email me at the MD journey. com at gmail. com. I’ll also put that link in the description new videos coming out on a weekly basis. So go ahead and give this video like first and then

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