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Vita Health Tips to know

Let me just say it was a real struggle figuring out I wanted to feel with like the viewers the background but then the lighting was all under my desk was messy so I didn’t want to have that as a background. So here we are, I’ve got my studio lights up to help support me so I’m hoping that this video turns out okay.
Anyways, as you can see for the title today I’m going to be doing a video all about how to do well at university so I’m going to be talking more about the academic side of things. So once I’ve always talking about the social aspects and the partying on my channel, so I thought I’d bring it back a little and actually give some academic advice. I’m going to be discussing study tips, ways to get organized how to keep on top of things.
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So my first tip on how to do what a university is definitely getting organized and remaining organized throughout the year I’m the best way to do this is getting a plan. Our panelists are so important in helping to keep up with things and knowing what your schedule is week two we actually just get mine from TK Maxx.
I believe this whole candles literally free costs 99 amazing we are getting a tonight is definitely an essential when it comes to university. It’s a great way to see when you have your lectures when you have deadlines, assignments, etc. Particularly in the first time of university it’s very hard to keep up with things because on top of going to lectures you’re also doing societies are going out we’re making friends and socializing and so from that when you’re not keeping track of what you’re supposed to be doing it is very very easy to forget things or forget you have that 9am often get that your assignment still friday so to avoid anything like that happening. I definitely
about getting a planner if you don’t like to write down things it doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical one like the one I showed you I mean there’s so many apps we can actually just use the note section on your iPhone I used to do that all the time via regardless of performance we’re doing yeah I definitely recommend having a plan on write down everything keep on top of thing and ensure that you know exactly what you’re meant to demean each week.
The next tip I’m going to be talking about is something I’ve been doing it since like year nine I want to say by any found out the actual time for this morning apparently it’s called the halo so what the halo effect basically is, is that when you first school or university within the first couple of weeks, just how you’re forming an opinion of your class and your teacher. The teacher is also doing the exact same thing with their students at it from day one of your lectures about the front of the class engagement for teacher having the eye contact, paying up your hand to ask a question for teacher it’s going to immediately see as like a good shooter, someone who’s very keen in the subject, someone that really wants to do well.
Essentially someone that they like. Whereas if you’re sitting in the back of the class, which is a bit noisy, oh, like a group of friends than your teacher might just think, okay, I always recommend getting close on time it’s sitting at the front. I’m just kind of engaging with your teacher from the get go find that once you establish a good connection with your lecture are live on his they get so much easier, they’re often more willing to go above and beyond when it comes to answer your questions. I hope out because they know that you’re genuinely interested in the subject.
But personally I love most about this halo effect is that once you spend a few weeks establishing that good bond that get connection for the rest of the year, I find that you can kind of get away with more things that if you miss your lecture, for some reason, I feel like maybe they’re bit more understanding because they know that you wouldn’t miss it for a stupid reason. You know, they’re just a bit more lenient and understanding throughout the year. So definitely recommend being a good student. Usually at the start of time let your team know that you’re really keen on wants to do well.
Tip number three is more of a study tab and something which I strongly recommend it
And that is pre reading before you going to close this is something I did more towards the end of my A Levels and found it so so helpful that I wish I did it before so it’s definitely something which I recommend doing from the very start University is if you’re unaware of what pre reading so it’s basically reading up on the topic that you’re going to be studying in class I find that doing this makes your lectures make it so much more sense because you’re not trying to grasp everything for the first time we’ve actually already had some prior knowledge so it’s more so confirming it reiterating it and just allow yourself to understand the topic so much better so for my personal University which has a lot of you guys know it is University of the Arts London London College of fashion my uni we have this include noodle where our teachers but done exactly what topic we’re going to be doing each week and I often already have like the reading materials out there if I need that I’m going to do in crisis management for example I can go on to the regional is for that topic and just have every little bit before class so that one are actually in class it will make a bit more sense and what’s amazing about pre reading is I honestly doesn’t have to be long at all actually just fine. minutes of skim reading is enough, it’s just something to do that you just have an overview of the topic before you learn a more in depth. So that hopefully makes it more sense.
You can literally do it on your way to lecture as well sure, having breakfast it doesn’t have to be a task that you have to go to the library for, can literally just do it on the go. And if for some reason your university hasn’t published by the reading materials for it, or like resources that you can use your goal is the thing and I you can actually just type in on Google happened over through and hopefully that allow things to make so much more sense to you.
The fourth tip for today’s video is also a study tip and that is to clarify any doubts that you have immediately say when it comes to university, things move pretty quickly. And so if you’re in class and you don’t understand the topic and you know asking questions because you think it will make sense closer towards exam period or whatever the chances are by the time you get to exam here is will also have certainly other topics that you’re unsure about. I was just getting to the point where you physically don’t have time to go over everything again.
So my best piece of advice to all Asked Questions that maybe don’t understand something obviously for teachers just introduce the topic way into she finishes explaining it until you ask a question but at the end of that class you’re like wait a sec I actually don’t understand this concept either asking cause then in that because chances are other students didn’t understand over you asked that question in front of everyone over may be beneficial to the other students that if you’re perhaps shy or the transition classes past, definitely stay back to the end of the class to ask you a lecture about it. Or if you have tutorials or university awesome then in that as well.
But honestly, the Wise we can do is just leave and definitely want to make sure that you just understand things as you go along that by the time you get to your assessments or sound, you already know the content and you can just focus on exactly the thing I’m going to talk about in today’s video lectures. Lecture.
Our lectures is the lecture Do I go to university? I don’t know. But yeah, in terms of lectures, first and foremost, go to a lecture. It’s like maybe it’s because I never had 9am Like all of my lectures, I don’t some people don’t go to lectures, it’s so much easier to just sit in a room for like an hour and a half then to stay at home and cut off your lecture on your laptop and be making notes and not really understanding what’s going on. Even if we’re completely hung over or you just can’t be bothered. Just drop yourself into unique it’s literally about to sit there like arms folded, and just listen and then to be at home and not greater than lecture and then catch up later while you frantically trying to make notes and piece everything together. Like it’s just not worth it. So personally just go to other artists in my opinion, but the second thing and tells the lectures it’s definitely make good to know one thing that took me quite a long time to graph is that you generally don’t need to write down everything that’s on the board. Literally just write down the most important point I know that if you’re like me that it’s quite hard not to do because you want to get down all of the information but learning to make condensed notes from the get go. It is definitely something which is beneficial because it saves you from condensing your classmates later on in the year and it was me so if you’re looking for quick

information of the answers you can easily find a bullet point which has it as opposed to having to like dissect your class know another thing which makes your lecture notes really amazing is using color I know it’s quite long to bring like a whole purpose okay sometimes so I recommend getting those pens that have like the color wheels around it but you can click for like red and then click for blue and then click for black I love phase I’m making and so if that’s something that’s really important I’ll quickly just switch to read and write that impressive it sounds out there again we’ll come back to your notes you know what’s really important and what keywords you either yeah those are my tips which I hope really hope he was at university also have them a quick and simple it’s really good to just reiterate them and have them fresh in your mind before you start going to an active if you did find the city are helpful if you learn something new then I’d love if you could hit the thumbs up button and let me know in the comments down below if you Are any of you enjoyed the video just getting the scroll down below upload new videos every single Wednesday and Sunday. Yeah that is basically the end of today’s tips. Thank you guys so much for reading and I’ll see you in my next one.

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